There’s no place like “home”

Our two-month “vacation” in Spain is coming to an end. We’ve been in La Rioja region of Spain, where Marta’s dad lives, for the past two weeks, and tomorrow we’re headed to Madrid for the weekend. We fly “home” on Tuesday.

And at this point we’re both ready to be “home.” Overall it’s been a relaxing and fun trip, and we’ve done lots: toured castles, monasteries, wineries, and cathedrals; bathed in mountain streams, oceans and community pools; celebrated several patron saints; eaten and drank way to much; watched Frida learn to crawl and pull herself up and Nico become obsessed with Catholic saints and try blood sausage.

We’ve also gotten to spend time with Marta’s parents, niece and nephew, aunts and uncles and way too many “cousins” to count or remember (one of my frequent questions here has been, “So how is he/she related to you?”).

But we’ve also had very little time for just the two of us. And I, for one, miss having my own space, my own kitchen, my own alone time. So we’ve started to say recently how excited we are to get “home” next week.

But by “home,” we mean a house we’ve never lived in in a city we’ve only visited. Because, in case I didn’t tell you dear readers, we’ve moved! We no longer live in Lubbock! But, to save money, when we moved out of our house in Lubbock in May, we put all of our belonging in a storage unit in Arizona and then promptly flew to Spain for two months.

We rented a nice house in Tempe, Arizona, before we left, and our lease starts on July 25. So I guess when I say “home,” I mean that house. Though it feels a little odd to use a word like “home” for a place we’ve never lived.

So maybe what I really mean by home is my own space–regardless of where it is. Or maybe I mean my own space in my own country with my own language and my own children. Though that sounds a little too capitalistic and jingoistic and bitchy, no?

So maybe I’ll just say that I’m looking forward to moving into our new house in Tempe soon. I’ll post some photos once we get there so you can all can see us in our home-living glory. In the meantime, wish me luck with the rest of our “vacation.” I hope you all are enjoying yours too.