About all this

This is not a mommy blog. Nor is it a blog bent on convincing the world how normal (read: straight) we are so that social conservatives will, finally, like us. It is a blog about two women, from two different cultures and countries, who grew up speaking two different languages (and are both stubborn as hell) deciding to start a family together. Or, to be honest, it’s really about one of those women, me. I am the fanatic blogger in this family and these are my stories. I’m also a writer and literary translator. You can read more of my less bloggy work at sarahviren.wordpress.com.

*To clarify, I love mommy blogs and I think laws should legislate guns not families.

17 thoughts on “About all this

    • Thanks. I just went to your blog and was so pleased to see that you write about two of my favorite subjects: running and eating. What a great idea.


  1. Just discovered your blog and am hooked. Until my partner I get to this babymaking/momma phase, your posts will keep me laughing and eager to experience this (one of these days).

    Thanks for sharing.


  2. Hey. Ive nominated your blog for a leibster award. You do not have to accept, i simply thought it deserved notice. As always, i really enjoy your blog and i thank you for enriching my life with it.


  3. I was just doing on a search on my own 3-week old grunting baby and found what you said so refreshing and honest. I’ll be back.


  4. I am also in a multicultural relationship with my partner Pavel, who is Mexican and speaks Spanish at home. Your blog is so enjoyable to read! Thank you for sharing your experiences.



  5. I am so excited that I found your blog!!! My partner is currently expecting our twin boys…I’m Puerto Rican/Colombian and fully trilingual – i speak italian as well, and my partner is German/Italian. We plan on speaking Spanish at home exclusively, but that proves difficult since Callie doesn’t speak it. She understands the hell out of it and she tries to speak it(don’t let them fool you! Rosetta Stone BLOWS!), but we’ll see how that all turns out. Excited to keep reading and i’ll be catching up to learn more about your beautiful family. ¡Por fin encontré una familia igual que le mía!


    • Welcome to the blog. And congrats on your soon-to-be family. It’s nice to know about another couple similar to us (i.e. lesbian and bilingual with children) and also to meet another Colombian. I spent a year in Santa Marta three years ago and travelled all around Colombia. Such a beautiful country.


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