Updates from a crazy pregnant lady

1. We just signed a contract with a real doula. As you might remember, with Marta we got a “discount doula.” And, while she was sweet, she was a little too timid for our tastes. This doula is soft-spoken, but she seems to know what she’s doing. Also, before leaving today she gifted me a bar of her homemade “aphrodisiac soap.” Which is something.

2. Nico seems to be regressing. She was moving toward being totally potty trained and also sleeping through the night and then, within the past couple seeks, we’ve lost both of those. She’s started having nightmares and calling for us with such desperation in the night that we eventually get up and sit with her, sometimes for an hour. And then the other day she had not one, not two, but six “accidents.” By which I mean she peed her pants. Once she already had her pants down but was not yet on the toilet and so peed all over me, too.

3. I lost perspective. When Marta was pregnant and after Nico was born, I prided myself in keeping my perspective. By which I mean that, when Nico was a really ugly baby, I was able to acknowledge that fact. She was bald, covered in baby acne and throwing up every couple minutes. But now that I’m gestating a little one, I seem to be going all softy. I only realized this yesterday after sending the 10th person one of the recent 3-D ultrasound pics we’d gotten of this little bambino (who we are calling Timotea at the moment). I was forwarding the photo along with a comment about how cute she was to person after person, until at some point I realized that…eh, the picture was actually a little creepy. In fact, if I am being realistic, it looks a bit like an alien genie crawling its way out of some bottle (that bottle being my uterus).

4. Oh and that genie-alien is a she. I got a new-fangled genetic test done a few weeks ago to test for chromosomal disorders because I am of “advanced maternal age” and as an extra benefit, they also told me her chromosomal gender. So, this little one is a girl, at least for now. If she wants to change her mind down the road, I’m cool with that too.

5. Please, no pink.

6. It was “Hat Day” at Nico’s daycare today. This exciting event followed Elegant Day and Pajama Day and will be proceeded by Tie-Dye Day. I’ve found myself actually getting excited each morning about which day it will be. And dressing in kind, of course.


7. I’ve been listening to hypnobirth CDs and I’m worried that it’s upping my cheesy factor. The other night when the hypno-voice said I should imagine “a beautiful, golden beach stretching as far as the eye can see” I actually felt calmed. When she told me to “imagine your cervix as a fragrant lotus flower opening to the morning sun” I thought for a moment that that might be a good idea.

8. We’re going to Iowa this Sunday to escape the Zika virus. Or, actually, we’re going to Iowa to live for the summer cause Lubbock is hellacious in the summer, but an advantage is that, hopefully, I can escape having a child born with a very small head.

9. I was trying to make it to 10, but that’s all I got for you.

10. Enjoy your weekend.

5 thoughts on “Updates from a crazy pregnant lady

    • Ha. When I was typing I kept thinking soup as well some reason. I’d love a good soup right now, but this soap isn’t bad.


  1. A little girl in the making—how wonderful. Little boys are so stinky and horrid, and they only get worse as they get older, and we have enough boys in the family anyway. Maybe Nico intuits that she’ll have competition soon, btw, that’s why she’s upset.


  2. Thanks for sharing your story. I have one little one and hope to add another in the near future! Good luck in the adventure ahead of you! I look forward to hearing more of your story.


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