Four Days and Counting

Marta and Nico get back on Thursday. In the time that they’ve been gone, I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I miss them. Some people just assume I miss them and say, “Man it must be hard.”

It is hard. I talked to Nico and Marta on Skype and Nico holds up her foot for me to see and all I want to do is squeeze it. I watch Marta talk and think how nice it would be to share a bed with her again. In other words, I miss their physical presence in my life. And, in the case of Nico, I miss witnessing to the way she changes and grows.

I notice some of it, of course. She now uses certain Spanish interjections and conversational words with ease. “Vale,” she says nonchalantly when I ask her to show me something (Vale means OK in Spain). She also likes to throw around the words “Tambien” (also” and “Tampoco” (Neither/either) with a native accent. It’s adorable, but also makes me feel a little estranged from her. How could she go on developing when I’m not there to see her grow?

Mostly, though, this month and a half has been really good for me. I’ve written a lot and read a lot. I am beginning to publish more work. I also feel more grounded in my professional life and have a better sense of what I need to do to foster that life once Nico and Marta return. So, while I missed them bucketloads, I am also really appreciative for the time to work. And I am super grateful to Marta for giving me that time. While I’ve been sleeping through the night and writing and working in peace, she’s been Nico’s sole caregiver, a job that was quite hard at times (though Nico has loved Spain, all the traveling and all the changes have also made her a lot more clingy: she basically doesn’t let Marta out of her sight).

As I get ready for them to come back home this week, I’ve been looking at some recent photos of Nico and Marta (and me) and I thought I’d share them with you all. I promise more current ones once I get those two darlings back in my clutches:

Nico looking pensive when we went to a greenhouse before she left for Spain

Nico in Buddy Holly’s Glasses (outside the Buddy Holly Museum)

Nico at a “ferret talk” at the local children’s science museum

Marta looking particularly fetching beside our lit-up daughter at an outdoor concert this summer

Me and Nico practicing the “surprised” face

Little blue eyes when she had blue lips to match

Nico having Elmo give Mrs. Butterworth a hug (or maybe something more raunchy?)

3 thoughts on “Four Days and Counting

  1. I’m so happy for your 3 to be together again!!
    I wish my 3 could be to . It’s less thank a year to go until this nightmare of mine ends.
    Linnea knows alll about her tias and her prima!!
    I miss you!!
    Are you still finding time to binge watch any shows on Netflix?


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