Screw Goodnight Moon

There are moments, even days, when I’d give just about anything to be childless again.

Like this weekend when we went on a hiking trip with some friends and every time we tried to eat in a restaurant (which was twice), Nico would scream at the slightest agitation, aggressively throw Cheerios all around our and other nearby tables and cry for water in a restaurant cup (no freakin sippy cup for this lady) and then cry harder when she spilled the cold water from that big kids’ cup all over her.

Or when that night, after a long hot hike (yes, it is 75 degrees here during the day) with a 25-lb baby in a pack, after Marta and I talk about how we were gonna put Nico to sleep and then snuggle in our hotel bed and watch old movies, then Nico decides she won’t sleep for an hour and a half, and that she’ll scream and cry most of that time and finally only go for sleep with Marta and so then we’ll end up sleeping in separate beds: Marta with Nico in one and me with Finn in the other.

But then….we get home and I take Nico to the park and on the way there we see a half moon in the afternoon sky and Nico leans her head back in her stroller and starts waving at it and screaming, “Hi!!!” She says hi to the moon with no response for four blocks. And suddenly I can’t imagine my life without this child.

Such such are the joys of parenthood.





3 thoughts on “Screw Goodnight Moon

  1. Absolutely feel/agree with this one. Sometimes I so desperately long for my life pre-parenthood. What I wouldn’t give for a day or two of pure freedom! I took it for granted while I had it. But then, my kid does something awesome or learns something new, and it makes all of the sacrifice worth it.


    • Lindsay, I know you responded here a long long time ago, but I’m trying to start responding to comments, so here I am saying thanks and so glad to hear that others feel somewhat the same. Also, and perhaps more importantly, I ADORE your blog. You’re so funny and inspiring. I tell people about your posts all the time (but then, again, forget to comment on the posts themselves…)


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