Making biscuits in bed

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

I am writing to you from mat on the floor beside Nico’s mat as she takes her nap. Beside me is a bowl of sweet potatoes that I am mashing so I can use them later for some sweet potato biscuits. Though this is not our first Thanksgiving with Nico, it’s the first one in which she can walk, talk, get into trouble, etc, and in which we are also trying to prepare a number of items for not one but two Thanksgiving feasts.

So, while I normally try to read or do some school work beside Nico while she naps (we can’t leave her alone to nap yet; she wakes up), today I am mashing sweet potatoes and trying to do other prep work by sneaking into the kitchen for ingredients and then sneaking back in here. This morning I made mashed potatoes and a pumpkin pie while Marta entertained Nico, but now Marta is exhausted (Nico work up periodically throughout the night and hit her–accidentally of course) and I still have these biscuits and cranberry sauce to make. So, you know, we’re multi-tasking.

I’m not sure if this freaks me out or makes me extremely proud. All I know is that three years ago I never would have guessed that one day I’d be mashing potatoes in bed beside a sleeping one and a half year old.

And so life changes.

I have lots of other news and cute Nico videos to share with you all, but the end of this semester has been a beast. I’ll post them next week. In the meantime, enjoy your feasts wherever they are.

One thought on “Making biscuits in bed

  1. Nice title for something: Biscuits in Bed. We’ll go into mash-mode soon, but probably not in bed. Maybe we’ll Skype later. Enjoy!


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