Baby doll blues

My worst fear has materialized. Nico has become baby-obsessed.

Next will come the pink obsession and the desire to wear dressed 24-7. What did I do to deserve this?!

I never purposefully gave her a baby doll. We fell into two by accident. One of them my parents gave her unintentionally (long story) and the other was in a box of books that a colleague of Marta’s gave us. We found the doll at the bottom and thought she was so ugly we pulled her out and showed her to Nico (we call her La Fea, which is not very nice…but then again she’s a baby doll so what does she know).

Of course Nico promptly then fell in love with both dolls. But I still don’t think the baby doll obsession is our fault. I blame the new daycare.

It’s one of those research-based, university daycares where they provide their charges with a ton of stimuli and let them do whatever they want with it. There are slides and horses and balls and musical instruments and, yes, baby dolls. And, if you ask me, the student works have secretly been pushing baby dolls on Nicola since the beginning.

They have a freakin basket full of them! They’ve taught her how to hold the baby dolls in her arms like a mother. How to put them to bed. How to wrap them up in blankets. Etc.

So now, as soon as she gets home, she wants to know where her bebe is. If said bebe doesn’t materialize in like two seconds she starts to freak out. Then she takes bebe to her room or to a cabinet and wraps her up in napkins and puts her to sleep. Over and over again.

At daycare they tell me this is good because it will make her more empathetic. I tell my parents that all it means is that Nico’s possible professions have widened from bureaucrat/paper pusher (which I determined was in her cards after she became obsessed with organizing things and putting the into different piles) to stay-at-home mom as well.

Of course I am (mostly) kidding. I’ll love my daughter no matter who she grows up to be (within reason). And I am sure this too shall pass, as Dad says Grandma said (but really the bible said first). But man is it boring.

Here she is in Finn’s bed with “bebe.”


5 thoughts on “Baby doll blues

  1. But Sarah, think of all the toys you play with–there are dozens and dozens of them! I can think of six right off. Apples, for instance. Most people just eat apples, but for you they’ve always been a major plaything and source of fun and diversion. So many examples..


  2. I agree with you ,,,, no baby dolls, no tv, no video games, no super-toy-of-the-year-at-school, no candy, no cool-brand clothes, no grandpas, no prom, no superheros, no super-aunts, no sodas, no …

    … and where the heck, do they find and get all of these things? No matter how hard I fight against these things, my kids get them … I’m not good enough, I’m failing, I’m gonna have to context, I’m a bad dad.


    • Jaja. Yes! We should just send our kids to live on a desert island where there are no babydolls or touch screens or candy. Only I’ll probably still want go live somewhere civilized


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