She Walks! Praise the Lord!

Nico’s FINALLY started to walk. And you have no idea how much easier it makes our lives. We can actually, like, set her down and let her find her own way from the living room to the kitchen table. Or we can have a BBQ with friends and put her on the ground and let her waddle to her heart’s delight (crawling was harder because we don’t really have grass in our backyard).

She’s also learned to say “Ba” for ball, “Shu” for shoe and “Looos” for Luz, which means light in Spanish. My favorite development, besides the walking, is that she’s begun to imitate the words and gestures we use.

For example, this morning I walked by the kitchen table in my underwear–in route to the bedroom for some shorts–and Marta whistled. Nico looked at her and then she pursed her lips together, just like Marta had done to whistle, and made a short of shoooo noise. I cracked up all the way to the bedroom and back.

To see Nico in all her walking and baaaa-talking glory, watch this video, which features some cats off screen.

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