Listen Up!

I wrote an essay recently about the complications, both legal and emotional, of getting “unmarried” to Marta when we moved to Texas. That essay was published at a great little magazine called The Morning News.

It was also recently read by the folks at Iowa Public radio and they’ve asked me to be a guest on a special show dedicated to the issue this coming Monday.

So, if you’d like to read the essay, it’s here:

And if you’d like to hear me (hopefully not make an ass of myself), you can tune into Iowa Public Radio either online or via the NPR app. The show is this coming Monday (Aug. 11) at 12 p.m. but I am sure it’s downloadable as a podcast later.

It will be a live call-in show and I’ll be on air with a representative from Lambda Legal who can hopefully help answer people’s complicated questions about our legal status as same-sex couples, especially when we move from state to state.


5 thoughts on “Listen Up!

  1. Very cool. Maddening stuff.

    If someone asks a question you can’t answer, say, “Very interesting question. I myself don’t know the answer, but I’ll research it and have someone at the station get back to you.” That will never happen, but everybody’s happy: You’ve shown yourself to be flawed but conscientious, the reader feels proud to have asked a really thorny question, and the host is pleased to have the show enlivened by some dramatic tension–everybody comes out ahead. Thank you.


  2. Ah, you were so thoughtful and articulate. What a good show. The point that Heal didn’t get to make–which was her whole reason for calling in to compare our experience with yours–is that this is why it’s important for the federal government to require that marriages be recognized across the board, everywhere. The state-by-state plan is not working–it’s wrong and unconstitutional to allow citizens of each state to decide on whether or not a minority group in their state gets civil rights.


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