Nico just gave me a bloody nose

We were all sleeping quietly in bed* when Nico turned over and reached out for me. Instead of grabbing my hand, though, or petting my arm hair, she just shot her finger straight out and stabbed it directly into my left nostril. Her nail was just a wee bit long and when I pulled away from her poke, I felt something wet in my nose. I was bleeding, profusely.


Children amaze you in a thousand ways, but I never expected that one of them would be that my daughter could give me a bloody nose–in two seconds. Apparently this is one of the miracles of childhood. One I would rather live without.

In other feats of human nature, Nico has also taken to climbing up on the jumbo pack of toilet paper that we just bought from Costco and then scooting off again in a number of different ways, including face first (which unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of, given that I was afraid she’d hurt herself: she sat up laughing). I sense that this activity has something to do with pushing her limits or maybe learning how to surf. Not sure. But it’s pretty fun to watch.

photo 1-3
photo 3-3

And lastly, this morning while I was changing her diaper, Nico said “Uh Oh!” for the first time (she had just dropped a book in the crack between the changing table and the window). Then she said it like twelve thousand more times. I have no idea why, but this seemed like the turning point. We no longer have a baby. We have bloody-nose-giving, toilet-paper-mountain-climbing mini-adult who understands the concept of a mistake.

*We bring Nico to sleep with us every night between 2 or 4 a.m. depending on when it is she wakes us up screaming.

4 thoughts on “Nico just gave me a bloody nose

  1. Why do the blog police always say my comments are awaiting moderation? Am I being censored? Should I write better? What?


    • Hm. Maybe you’re just getting too funny and they want to take you down a peg. (But actually I’m not getting that notice and your comments seem to be showing up, so I think we’re okay).


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