Feeding the monster

I just read this article in the NYtimes about how the baby food industry is loosing business because so many parents, us among them, are making their own baby food.

Apparently the baby food manufacturers are fighting back by selling pomegranate and quinoa purees, avocado and beets, etc. The article was not all that interesting–mostly just a lot of back and forth about whether working moms today really have time to make their baby’s food and how the food industry is here to make our lives easier.

But what caught my attention was an interview with some hipster mom who said her baby was about to dine on “vegetable puree, delicately seasoned with leeks, red peppers, cumin and thyme.”

Spices! I had forgotten we could start using them in Nico’s food. And I’ve just checked and we can also add olive oil. The world of baby food might be about to open up. And yet when I just went searching for a blog with tasty, whole foods recipes for baby’s around Nico’s age, I came up empty. Does anyone have a recommendation?

Most of the blogs I’ve found have recipe after recipe that includes some variety on pasta with vegetables. I’d love one that is like 52recipes or the PostPunkKitchen but for babies. That must exist, right? My instagram feed is filled with pictures of babies and food so I am figuring I’m not the only one who would read a food porn/baby food blog…

8 thoughts on “Feeding the monster

  1. You should make the baby food blog! You could make mucho money. I did baby-led weaning and never did the puree route, but you could also try that! I just give Evelyn whatever I’m eating for meals.


  2. We did baby-led weaning too, which went really well and (my favorite part) was super easy–it didn’t require any extra cooking. But whether or not you opt for that, I highly recommend the (albeit old-fashioned, on paper, not the interweb) cookbook Feeding the Whole Family by Cynthia Lair. Subtitle is: Recipes for Babies, Children, and Their Parents. But really, it’s just a good whole foods cookbook with some variations or substitutions you can make for your 9-month old, or your 1-year old, etc.


  3. Hey Sarah! I’m glad to have read this post so I can share my experiences with Elia. I give her a lot of tomatoes with cottage cheese and a drop of olive oil (yes, olive oil since a long time ago, but well, I’m a Spaniard…) Sometimes I add in this mix vermicelli to make it more filling.
    She loves fish also, have you given fish to Nico? Trout, salmon… just cut in small pieces and some olive oil (again). I never add salt in any of her foods. What about spinaches? I put a bunch of them in a pan with a drop of olive oils (he he) and they get cooked (no need to boil them at all). Then I cut them with scissors. Sometimes I add tuna from a tin in here or cottage cheese.
    I started egg when she was one year old (like Nico now more or less). I think one a week is good. I make omelettes.

    Nico looks great in the pic. Take care you all.
    Hugs from IC.


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