Kale mistake

I decided this weekend that Nico was going to begin eating kale. Marta hates kale and I love it. My thinking was that if I could get Nico on my side we’d have voting power.

The first problem is that steamed and blended kale sans all salt or oil is actually kind of disgusting. I tasted it before serving it to Nico and realized I would need to do some serious doctoring if I wanted to win her over to my side.

So I mixed the kale with sweet potato, corn, and peas–basically everything sweet. And she ate it. Success!

Or not.

We were just getting into bed tonight when Nico woke us up kind of moaning. Diaper check and what do we see? Yes. Diarrhea. The second time since this afternoon. Since she ate kale, that is.


But no worries. I will try again in six months or so, when her digestive system is stronger. And maybe then I’ll mix it with ice cream…

9 thoughts on “Kale mistake

  1. You might think of making pesto with kale and spreading it on something for Nico. Same other ingredients – olive oil, some sort of nut, other greens, cheese.


  2. Ice cream – brilliant! We blend ours up with almond milk, strawberries and pineapple. Actually, pineapple with anything 🙂 I’ve been trying for months to get our normally adventurous 3 yr old to eat kale chips but she’s not buying it. They’re so good and so easy! Good luck!


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