A baby’s best friend

Now that she’s conquered that whole crawling thing, Nico is starting to try to pull up. This is the next step before standing and then, holy shit, walking. I almost don’t want her to go there. It’s like, too adult.

My favorite part of this whole becoming-bipedal process is seeing all the “objects” Nico uses as props to help her stand up. She uses us, of course. And cabinets, and lamps and tables and the couch and the trash can.

And Finn.

A lot of you have asked how Finn has fared since a newborn baby got thrown into his daily routine. At first he was not all that fond of Nico. But as she has begun to crawl, he’s seemed to take to her a little more. Maybe it makes her seem more canine-like, and therefore likable.

Here they are below in a very typical Nico-Finn interaction. These are almost all initiated by Nico. She touches him or tries to poke his eyes out or grabs at his tail and he ignores her for a while. But then eventually he decides he might, just maybe, want to play, and at that point Nico always gets freaked out by his long claws and mouth full of teeth and turns her back on him.

Right now, though, she really needs him. Because when he is lying down he is almost the perfect height for her to use to pull herself up and stand.













2 thoughts on “A baby’s best friend

  1. As Nico makes the transition from crawling to walking you could maybe make a little saddle for Finn and teach her to ride–it is Texas, after all.


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