The year of paper!

It’s our first wedding anniversary today.

As you might remember, we had a shot gun lesbian wedding a year ago today, in Marta’s brother’s house, with half my family and Marta’s watching us via Skype. As you might also remember, it was a bit, err… informal.

In the year since then, we’ve had a baby and moved to Texas, where we were legally unmarried, at least at the state level–but we don’t pay any attention to that. The other day we went to the university gym and I saved us $40 by insisting on our rights to register for a membership as spouses–despite a state law that forbids any state institutions from recognizing same-sex marriages. I don’t think the bewildered undergrad helping us really knew the difference, but I enjoyed the declaration.

In this past year, beside the baby and the move, Marta also got a job, I started a PhD, we were very very tired and then less tired but still very tired. It’s been a hard year, marriage-wise. We’ve had very little time to ourselves. We’ve fought a lot while in very sleep deprived states. But we’ve also danced in the kitchen way more than we ever had before. We’ve gone on lots and lots of walks and learned new songs to sing together and commiserated when one or the other of us ends up with baby vomit all of her shirt. We’ve learned to really appreciate each other and our time together in a way we never would have if we didn’t have Nico (and live in such an awful place).

I hear the first anniversary is supposed to be celebrated with paper. So far we’ve celebrated with swim lessons for Nico (we learned a song about a turtle). And in about an hour we’re going to a public library for story time and a literacy celebration for kids. I supposed there will be lots of paper there?

Tonight, we have plans to put Nico to bed a bit early, make some tapas and watch a movie. It’s not the world’s most romantic anniversary date, but it’s somehow fitting for this first year we’ve had.

Given this is our paper year, I might even make Marta a card. But for now, hopefully this electronic note will suffice:

I love you Marta! You’re a fun, funny and endlessly supportive partner.


And una mamá maravillosa



7 thoughts on “The year of paper!

  1. That’s about the sweetest first year anniversary message I’ve ever heard. For tonight, I recommend a special toast to your amazing abilities to be resilient this year (as well as toasting the great grandmas in Nico’s life!) Congratulations!!


  2. happy paper! i’ve been told the first year of marriage is the hardest. that’s probably bologna, but kinda reassuring anyway. your and marta’s fortitude, love, and good humor is an inspiration. (but I still think you should have moved to utah.) xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox!!!


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