Papa Noel came!

Here in Spain, Santa Claus doesn’t bring presents, Papá Noel does.

And because he has a different name, he insists on leaving gifts in children’s shoes rather than their stockings. Which, if you think about it, makes a lot more sense. We no longer hang our stockings to dry by the fireplace. But we do kick off our shoes.

I had big plans to post several blogs about Papá Noel and other experiences we have had in Spain–as new parents. But I am so tired from being a new parent in Spain that I don’t have the energy to write up those blogs right at this moment. So, for now at least, I will let pictures speak their thousand words.

In these past two weeks:

Nico learned to play with a ball:






And she met a creepy plastic doll named Tiesudo, which I think translates to “Stiff One:”


She also went to Toledo:
Where she met Don Quijote:
She got to hang out with cool older kids (a.k.a. cousins):
And our friend Pablo (who in this picture makes me look super hetero):
She became obsessed with making the peace sign (or victory sign, depending on your cultural perspective):
And considered (but has not yet committed to) crawling:
All this time, she has remained quite cute:
Even attracting new admirers:
While all the while never loosing her serious, pensive side:

She has also eaten turkey and lintels for the first time and been touched by half a dozen complete strangers (randomly reaching out to stroke the cheek of an unknown babies is quite normal here) and a couple dozen relative strangers. That is strangers who are relatives.

Marta and I, meanwhile, have spent two glorious nights ALONE (grandparents!) and eaten and drank way more than we should. We went to see a photography exhibit in an old squat and watched a Japanese indie film about families whose babies are switched at birth (a movie that made me cry uncontrollably–more on that later). We also walked around the city completely in love with the fact that we are not, at least for a little bit, in Lubbock.

Traveling in Spain with an eight-month-old may be exhausting, but it is still traveling in Spain.

3 thoughts on “Papa Noel came!

  1. Love best the photo one up from the bottom–she knows she’s got those two guys (the one on the left is clearly Matt’s twin, btw) wrapped around her little finger.


  2. It was a milestone ,,,, she met Tiesuras ,,,, and love it. Now, she is more part of the family ,,, in this kind of “special” latino family concept.

    She survived to a “couple dozen relative strangers” ,,,, which mean ,,,, “the family” recognizes her as one of them ,,,,

    She passed the first Spanish cultural test ,,,, (touched by half a dozen of complete strangers ,,,,)

    ,,, she met the Spanish alter ego, Don Quijote ,,,,,, (next time will be the turn for the Spanish totem ,,,, the bull)

    And more, and more, and more ,,,,

    Well, definitely, you cannot scape, you must to write a blog about your Spanish visit ,,,,,, I will love it.


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