Nico A Day

I’ve recently started emailing my mom one photo of Nico everyday (or almost everyday). She told me there was an app that would allow you to do this, but I forgot to write down the name of it. And then I realized I really could just do it myself. I call it Nico A Day.

Today’s Nico-a-day was especially cute, so I thought I’d share it (and a few extra) with you all. Amazingly enough it’s getting cold here in Lubbock in the mornings. So we bundle her up to keep her warm. And because it’s fun to bundle her up.

IMG_1840 IMG_1843 IMG_1845 IMG_1842

8 thoughts on “Nico A Day

  1. Love that smile! And thanks for the idea–I have a young-‘un to share too, you know, and I’m getting set up to do Molly-a-Day.The big eyes and the whiskers and the perky ears are heart-melting.


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