Coming soon, to a blog near you

Dear readers,

I think about you all the time. Nico does a thousand crazy and cute things and I want to tell you all about them. Or she stops going to sleep like she used to and we about go crazy and I want to complain to you. But then I remember that I am now in a doctoral program and I have like a thousand things to do all the time. Two of my classes are requiring me to blog regularly (about such exciting topics as Composition Pedagogy and Research Methods), so my blog creative juices are also being sucked elsewhere. And then there is this here baby, who wants my love and affection whenever we’re home together.

Which is to say, I’m sorry I’ve been gone so long. And I will post a coherent post again soon.

In the meantime, please know this:

We went on Sunday to our first “festival” in Lubbock. It was the Apple Butter festival. There was an archery stand where you could shoot a bow and arrow at one of two life-size plastic deer, both of which made a sickly thud sound when they took the butt of an arrow. There was also a hayride. As soon as we got on our ride, Nico started crying and didn’t stop until we’d made the requisite tour around the apple orchard, where there were no apples, by the way, because an late frost had killed them.

This made me miss Iowa in also sorts of insane ways.

Also coming soon: A picture of Nico in cowboy boots.

4 thoughts on “Coming soon, to a blog near you

  1. No apples? Crazy!

    We all miss you, but understand. Garrison Keilor this weekend said that he thought Ph.D. might stand for Persistent Hyperactive Dementia. He could be right…..


  2. Missing Iowa? ,,,,, vice, vice, vice ,,,,, you got a vice ,,,,,, (the sad thing is I probably got it as well ,,,, Free Iowa! Independence for Iowa! ….. can you see? Now, I’m an iowan nationalist)


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