She can talk!

Well kind of.

Nico as of late has started talking. In her own screen-door-screeching language. I have taken to answering her in kind. I have fears that this does nothing but encourage further screen door screeching rather than actual speech and I feel guilty for backtracking on previous pre-baby promises to never ever talk baby talk or participate in other such nonsensical forms of communication–but god damn is it fun.

Talking to her in screen door screech is like learning to speak a foreign language instantaneously. Everything I “say” she seems to understand.

Unfortunately, we’ve yet to capture her on screen talking to me in said language.

But here she is talking to herself, i.e. holding court.

And here we are later, me talking to her and her only ever so quietly responding (I swear we have all out philosophical discussions when the camera’s not running).

In other developments, we are getting closer to turning Finn into Nico’s personal horse:


And Nico went to the pool for the first time (first photo with her mama, second photo with her abuelo):

IMG_1663 IMG_1665


She didn’t really like the water. It was so much colder than her bath at night.

Or at least that’s what I thought she said.

5 thoughts on “She can talk!

  1. Ok, she is my niece ,,,,, finally! And she doesn’t like water ,,,, because it is a liquid!!!! Just like me ,,,, solid water is other history ,,,, but liquid?? For swimming???? . puajjjjjjjj! Definitely, she is my favorite niece! So, moms, my Nico needs skies, ice-skates, winter clothes ,,, come onnnnnn! We have a lot of things to dooooooo with water ,,,,, on solid water, of course.

    About talking ,,,, I bet she was trying to make a joke ,,,,, aahhhhhhh! my nieceeeeeeee,,,,,,,


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