Chew on that

Nico is teething.

And there is no New York Times delivery in Lubbock.

I found out about the New York Times yesterday while trying to change my address. And I was horrified.

You see, I’ve gotten the Sunday Times ever since I became a journalist some ten years ago. I so loved getting the Sunday Times that I used to warn new girlfriends about it: Don’t try to get me to do something Sunday morning, I’d tell them, I have a date with my paper. When I worked at the newspaper in Galveston, the Times used to arrive at my apartment around 2 a.m. on Saturday night and, if I had stayed out that late (which I often did in those days), I could find it there waiting for me when I came home at night. Like a loyal dog. Or a lover.

I think someone (you, Uncle Bob?) once wrote a story about a person who had a love affair with their Sunday Times. I completely identify. As you can imagine, then, moving somewhere without NYTimes delivery is more than a little depressing.

Nico teething is depressing in another way. A sort of watching-an-animal-die way.

She seems fine most of the time. Except she drools a lot more. And she chews on her on gums, like a cow with its cud. But then every once and a while pain strikes and she just begins to scream. And scream. And scream.

Like someone having their intestines ripped out through their nose. I swear.

Last night this happened and then Marta and I began yelling at each other over Nico’s screams. We were fighting about whether or not we should give her some form of topical baby pain killer. Marta thought we should and I thought we shouldn’t. We’d meant to have the conversation beforehand, but then Nico started screaming and we somehow decided that that was the best time to hash it out.

Note to self: do not try to resolve spousal disagreements while the baby is screaming.

Eventually we calmed Nico down, got her to sleep, and managed to have a calm and collect conversation about the use of topical teething medication. We even snuggled some on the couch. But we were both exhausted. And we know another screaming event is just around the corner. And the next corner. And the next corner.

When I Googled teething the other day, in fact, all the sites I went to warned that babies can start teething as early as three months (Nico’s age) and last until they are THREE YEARS.

I can only hope that by then there will be New York Times delivery in Lubbock.

Or that I develop an opium addiction.


13 thoughts on “Chew on that

  1. Oh dear, oh dear, no Sunday Times? We have a problem. Yes, in my piece a lonely guy makes mad, passionate love to the Sunday Times on an otherwise empty and lonely Saturday night. When no one else is there for you, there’s always the Sunday Times. But now… Does Lubbock have any therapists? Is it too late to apply for a job in another location? Could you maybe move to a hotel in a larger town over the weekends? I’ll keep thinking. I’m so, so, so sorry.


    • It’s funny, Bob, but I only know this story via your retelling of it. Can I read the real story? Also, yes, I’ve been thinking about therapists a lot lately. But I worry: What if they don’t understand the importance of the NYTimes.


      • Lubbock with NYTimes!!!! ,,,,, what kind of hell is that!!! ,,, you just arrived and ,,,,
        Come on!!! Lubbock with NYTimes would be as Iowa City with mountains ,,,,, (Nope. Boulder looks horrible) …. You know ,,,, ok, after eight years with no mountains I am a horrible and social person ,,,, so, please, run to the grocery store and ask for the already-read news discount (second hand news should be cheaper)

        Your mom ,,, just brilliant!

        Marta yelling ,,, ??? Nope, she was sharing her opinion. Seriously, you should watch “Radio days” ,,,, Mediterranean cultures are ,,,, Well, you are having a month of immersion

        Nico is teething ,,,,, so cute.


      • Jajaja. Luis I have the distinct feeling that you are making fun of me. No New York Times is serious business!


  2. Don’t forget your buddy at the Market grocery store in Lubbock who was shared his understandings about Egypt as you paid for the NY Times. Inconvenient, but at least you can buy it. When Nico is a little older, you can send her out on Saturday nights to buy your NY TImes for the next morning.


  3. Oh dear about the New York Times…or as Bony would say, OhNoARRRRRRGH! It’s all one word, one passionate reaction, when she’s informed of a tragedy–when she can’t wear her overalls for a day, for instance, or when she has to eat less fruit because she’s developing some personal problems.

    But that’s not my point. My point: Hyland’s Teething Tablets. They’ve worked well in our family, and you know we’re pretty granola about these things. I’ll tell you more if you ask me.


    • Thank you! She’s crying in the bedroom right now. Doesn’t even want a bedtime story. I’ve already found where they sell Hyland’s and we’ll go there tomorrow, get some, and check it out. NoARRRRGH indeed.


    • Note to maviren – no, not really! After 22 years of NYT in hand on LI, reading on line is not the same. You do save the wood table from ink stain but it’s not worth it. Yes, Tucson does have delivery – we see those blue plastics here and there but did opt for online – BUT not the same! Especially the Sunday edition!


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