Our new rights-filled relationship, and then something about taxes

Yesterday, my dad sent me a letter he got from Bank of America, his bank, outlining all the new tax freedoms obligations same-sex married couples will now have. The letter noted that, by some readings of the law, we will not only have to begin filing as married (either jointly or separately) on our taxes, which was expected, but we’ll also have to file amendments to our taxes for all those years past (when we were being denied rights by the federal government). All I can say about that is: Thank god Marta and I got hitched in January.

And also: What the fuck? I know rights come with responsibilities, but come on. Give us a break. Or at least a pro-bono tax lawyer. 

On the good news side of all this, the government has finally affirmed that bi-national couples like Marta and I can file for green cards just like hetero married couples have for years and years. This means that, when we want to, I can file for a visa on Marta’s behalf. Even when we are living in Texas. 

And while we probably won’t do this right away (because Marta’s job is sponsoring her residency for this first year), the fact that we can is a huge relief. It’s also an important equalizer in the relationship. For the past three or so years, our decisions about the future have always centered around the fact that Marta has to have a job that will sponsor her if she wants to keep living in the ol’ U S of A. That has meant that, like it or not, her job search has taken priority over mine. 

This was made easier by the fact that, in general, I’m kinda a slacker who is addicted to grad school. But I won’t be so forever (I swear) and knowing that we can, in the future, make our career and living decisions based on our collective interests as a couple rather than on a priority put upon us by the federal government is a huge relief.

It means, really, that Marta can be that cupcake-cooking stay-at-home mom she’s always wanted to be. And I can bring home the no-hormones, free-range, grass-fed bacon. 




6 thoughts on “Our new rights-filled relationship, and then something about taxes

  1. Finally!!! A chance for Marta Susanita’s teenyearhood dreams!!!! Being a soccer- baseball-ballet -cup-cake baking-girl scout- volunteer for everything mom in Texas paradise. I’m starting to believe in American dream. The best Frank Capra’s story! What a such easy life for Marta!
    Robert is right …. get divorced.


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