A Face for that Feeling

One thing I really love about being a parent is watching Nico’s facial expressions change.

Unlike we adults, who smile when we are happy (or at least when we want to communicate to others that we are happy) and frown or furrow our brow because we’re worried or angry or confused, babies can make a whole range of emotive expressions in a matter of minutes that, most likely, signify nothing. And yet they seem so real.

Staring at Nico is at times like watching a one-infant play: she becomes pissed off, then smitten, then bewildered, then bored, then anxious, then totally and completely blissful and finally asleep all in the matter of minutes. It’s unnerving and phenomenal. And it makes me smile–genuinely. Recently I captured a range of these expressions with my handy-dandy iPhone. Here they are along with my best guest as to what emotion would represent if Nico were 28 instead of 8 weeks.

Feel free to offer your own analysis…

Disdainful IMG_1118

Perturbed IMG_1132

Flirty      IMG_1133

Distracted IMG_1135

Ugly     IMG_1139

Drugged IMG_1119

Cute     IMG_1114

5 thoughts on “A Face for that Feeling

  1. I know disdainful, perturbed, distracted all too well–they’re familiar expressions on the faces of audiences watching my plays. Trip to see Linnea got weathered out, so these photos are a nice substitute.


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