Success, one hernia at a time

I’m pleased to say that my droopy-headed (because she’s an infant), raspy-throated (from the breathing tube), slightly drugged (duh: surgery drugs) infant daughter is back in my arms again.

Nico safely made it out of hernia surgery and we’re both pleased as punch. Plus I have lots of stories to tell you all about the passive aggressive anesthesiologist and creepy male nurse we met. But that will have to wait until tomorrow. We’re beat. And we have a very important Hitchcock movie to finish watching.

For now, here is a picture of The Valiant One, as we have taken to calling her. It’s a name that has at least temporarily replaced her former name: The Ugly One. Or in Spanish La Valiente instead of La Fea.

Here she is before surgery, in her too-big tiger hospital gown:


And after surgery, with her Mama Martota:



The surgeon said it was actually Nico’s fallopian tube rather than her intestines that was poking out, thereby causing the hernia. They pushed that tube back in and sewed up the hole in her inguinal canal, all of which sounded like good news to me. I am sure Nico would agree if we could only understand her grunt-speech.

More soon on the truly odd pediatric hospital staff in Iowa.

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