From the cradle to the grave

There is something about becoming a parent (as I feel we are even now) that makes interrogate your inspirations in life. I think more than ever before about the myriad of texts–videos, books, music, conversations–that I consume. And I find myself collecting in some mental box all the beautiful things that I come across so that I might one day share them with this small person, like tiny gifts.

In the past couple days I’ve come across two such things and, as Nico is still a bun in the oven, I thought I’d share them with you all instead.

The first I found while watching a Harry Nilsson documentary on Netflix the other night. It’s a children’s movie that Nilsson made in the 1970s with Dustin Hoffman, among others, about a land where everyone and everything “has a point.” Until one day a little boy is born without a point:




The other is an illustrated snippet of a Terry Gross interview with Maurice Sendak, of Where the Wild Things Are:



I just listened to it this morning and started crying over my coffee. Sendak died last year. A posthumous book by him was just released called My Brother’s Book, which I can already tell will find a place in my curated box of beautiful things for Nico to one day (maybe) love too.

6 thoughts on “From the cradle to the grave

  1. Thanks for sharing this…having a child seems like such a lovely excuse to start collecting things like this – but until Nico arrives, we will be the happy recipients 🙂


  2. After five years of parenting, I agree with your sentiment. Sharing the beautiful or interesting things of the world with your child is one of the best things about being a parent. So exciting!


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