The first trimester and Romney

I had two milestones in mind before starting this blog. 1) I wanted to wait until Marta had made it through her first trimester and 2) I wanted to see Romney safely retired from public life.

The two are not as distinct as you might think. The majority of miscarriages occur in the first trimester. So waiting a couple months to share our good news with the blogosphere was, as H.W. Bush liked to say, “prudent.” As for the demise of ol’ Romney, perhaps just a quote will suffice:

“Some gays are actually having children born to them. It’s not right on paper. It’s not right in fact. Every child has a right to a mother and father.” (From a 2005 speech in South Carolina)

I am much more hopeful now than I was a week ago. Obama is far from perfect, but at least he’s in touch with reality. Balduino, our nickname for the little kumquat growing inside of Marta, is bound to have his faults as well. For one, I’m sure he’ll have to go to the bathroom now and then. He’ll likely also cry. He might even grow up to be a social conservative. But at least we know, as of our last ultrasound, that he is in the possession of two well-formed legs, two equally serviceable arms, a giant noggin and, most importantly, a beating heart.

Call me a compromiser, but I’m satisfied enough with these results.

Dear readers, please join me in welcoming Balduino the Kumquat to his* 14th week of womb-life. May he have 27 more.

He is sucking his thumb here, by the way. Earlier in the ultrasound he was dancing, but the nurse practitioner couldn’t see to get that on film.

*We have no idea what the little guy’s gender is so please be prepared: Female gender indicators may be used interchangeably with male ones at any moment during this blog.

6 thoughts on “The first trimester and Romney

  1. Without a doubt being a grandfather is by far the best news as we have had to hold our comments all these past weeks. I love the thought of the grand dad status.

    To add a cherry to the desert, goodbye Mr Rommey, now let’s get to work making the world better for my grandchild.

    Grand dad Mike


  2. Qué bueno todo Sarah: la idea del blog, las primeras dos entradas, que Finn sea tan cute, que Romney perdiera y sobre todo que Balduino siga creciendo cada día dentro de Marta. Aquí fuera le esperamos con alegría, y mientras me encanta leer estas historias, ¡qué emoción!


  3. I’m not sure what the correct name is for my relationship to the already famous Balduino – – Honorary great aunt? (surely there’s something less matronly). But I think the little fellow/girl is lucky to have such great parents.
    BTW your blog – – I mean the layout, font, etc, is elegant. I would expect nothing less of you Sarah!
    love, Brenda


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